philippinesA popular web-based freelancing website, Elance-oDesk, provides top insight and statistics into the freelance market across the world. In one company report from 2014, the Philippines make up 1/8th of freelancers across 180 countries. That equates to around 1 million Filipinos.

The top performing city in 2013 was Metro Manila, the financial capital of the Philippines. In that city alone, freelancers profited US$29.9 million for the year. To put this into perspective, that is 1.3 billion Php.

Filipinos who are finding freelance work on Elance-oDesk are not just from Metro Manila, but also from the provinces. A total of US$76 million was collected by Filipinos as per the country’s whole. Cebu is consistently ranked the top performing province in the country.

In recent years, there has been a rise in online outsourcing. Employers can now hire highly-skilled workers from anywhere in the world, increasing efficiency while saving on costs. Many top global companies use Elance-oDesk including Microsoft, Walt Disney, NBC, Panasonic, Johnson & Johnson and Pinterst, just to name a few. Filipinos prove to be successful competitors in the global marketplace.

In another report, Filipinos are cited to often focus on admin jobs due to the familiarity of doing call center work, though there still remains a good number of IT talent.

Companies are beginning to opt for the Philippines over India and one startup recognized this growth back in 2012 and launched an online learning platform, Kalibrr, for Filipinos who want to work in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry.

It’s no secret that the job market is flying high in the Philippines, not to mention, high-end jobs such as being a Filipino personal injury attorney in the legal field or even a surgeon in the medical field. Many Filipinos decide to move to the US to further their education and then stay for their careers. Some return back home to start a practice or firm. The Philippines seem to collect financial success in most industries, not just freelancing.

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